Wednesday, 1 April 2009

BEDA the First: April Fools

So here we are! At the beginning, and I'm already quite late. In my defence, I have had the lovely Amy Douken over today, and she's quite distracting. Even now she's sitting behind me, being unnecessarily kind to my dog.

I've decided to have a 'Convo of the Day' section of my BEDA blogs, so that even if I run short of things to say, I can rely on the wit of my friends instead. I'm stealaging this from Alan Lastufka, who is, as they say, made of awesome.

Anyway, today was April Fools, the day when poor humour is out in force. Luckily, I've not actually been subjected to any malformed pranks, but I'm doubtless that the rest of you have not been so lucky, so leave your experiences in the comments!

Anyway, having just rescued at cat from a bungee rope (don't ask!), I'm off to bed. More in-depth blogging tomorrow, when I will be attempting to find as many BEDA blogs as I can.

Don't forget to be awesome, lovelies!


Convo of the Day:
Me: The problem with porn is..
Amy: I dare you to start a blog post with that!
Me: Don't think I will, it's a subject that needs to be covered!

(Okay, so they're not all winning..)

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