Wednesday, 15 April 2009

BEDA the Fifteenth: Amy in Da Hooouse!

Hello bloggers and internetians! (i did just make that up) I am writing the one they call Giles' blog today, because he asked me too. First of all, I have never written a blog in my life,and have only recently understood the whole blogging concept. I've been told I can write about pretty much anything, but I'm not sure what to talk bare with me!

This weekend, I managed to tick something off my 'Things to do before I die list', which was to ride in a Monster Truck. People who know me, will realise im not what you expect. I love dressing up and going out and dancing my little tushy off, but I also love burly trucks and stunt shows, so there's something you didn't know about me :). I first saw Monster Jam in America visiting my Uncle in 2001, possibly 2002, and have been a massive fan since. We won a raffle (me and my Pops) to go in one, with 6 other people, pretty lucky really! It's also the only one in Europe you can sit in, and I was in it XD

Titanic sunk on this day in 1912 according to the BBC. I personally think Titanic is a superb film, and I do highly reccommend it. I am a film fanatic by the way, I have around 200+ DVD's which is forever growing. Recently watched a film called 'Taken' with Liam Neeson, and I am not joking, it's one of the best thriller films i've ever seen. It's your basic kidnap plot, but it really keeps you on your toes, and there's some pretty hardcore fights too, really believable stuff, none of this being thrown off a building or out of an airplane and magically landing in a car nonsense, it's a good film and Liam Neeson is properly awesome. Although no film will top the Jurassic Park trilogy, my favourite films of all time :)

I should probaby shutup now, you won't have gained much from this blog other then that I love trucks and watch a lot of films. So here is a few facts about a true blogger know as Giles...
1. He's a really lovely guy, most genuine like.
2. He's better at music then he gives himself credit for
3. He gives amazing hugs, and is the best person to talk to if you're feeling a bit blue.

Fare thee well my lovelies! Have a lovely evening :)


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