Thursday, 23 April 2009

#BEDA the Twenty-Third: Defining Giles


I've noticed that set titles for my #BEDA blogs are slowly changing. Apparently I'm now making them hashtags. Fun times! I'll go back and edit them in May, to keep my OCD happy.

Speaking of changes, you'll (hopefully) notice the ones around here! I've gone for a nice new white look, I've finally gotten rid of the pretentious mind-wank that was lurking under the title (replacing it instead with a pretentious quote about writing), and I've added a 'Skype Me!' button to make it easier for youse to stalk me. I like it, but it's by no means finished, or indeed set like this! Lemme know in comments what you think.

So JohnnyDurham has just kicked off a fabulous new meme (no sarcasm, I actually like this one), where you look your name up on UrbanDictionary [Side note - I used to be an editor for UrbanDictionary; I'd come home from school each day and they'd have emailed me a whole bunch of definitions to sift through and moderate.. I was a nerd from a very young age]. My name, Giles, is quite an unusual one, albeit one that every Buffy fan should know..

And indeed:

1. Giles - Buffy the Vampire Slayer's watcher.

Some things never change. The fact that I'm English (with a posh accent to boot), drink tea, and alarm easily does nothing to make this any less funny.

2. Giles - The kind of person who loves you:
'Awwwwwwww, Giles! You're such a Giles, let's make out!'

I promise you I'm not making this up, nor did I write it. It is good PR, though, it must be said. I shall now direct all future love interest* to this page..

Although, maybe not:

3. Giles - A beer-swilling, foul-mouthed Irishman who is known for his excellent leadership abilities.
'Damn! Giles can fucking drink!'

There is a small, albeit unlikely, chance that this was written about me. I do, for reasons unknown, put on a (bad) Irish accent when I'm inebriated. It is true that my leadership skills are second to none, and that, being a man of some heft, I can drink my own weight, and then some.** However, I doubt it. As anyone that's ever seen me drunk will verify, I rarely drink beer, choosing either whisky or wine, and when I do choose beer, I tend to spill as opposed to 'swill'. I also become overly verbose (moreso than normal), and scarily effeminate.

So perhaps not.

There are other definitions, but these are the best. I think we can all agree we've had a jolly good chuckle about them all! Now I'm not sure how Johnny's meme is going to go, and whether I should tag anyone. I will anyway, as this sort of thing is all very new and exciting to me.

I tag Amy, Casey, Weezie, Lydia, and Valerie.

Happy defining!


*I am of course joking. I'm all about the Amydouken! <33
**Two of the three facts in this sentence are lies.


  1. 1. Amy - A person who is loving and caring. Loyal to everyone important in her life and is easy to forgive, but won't let someone walk all over her. She steals the heart of everyone she dates, because she is real. Very few girls often like this person, because they feel threatened or intimidated by her. She is also someone who people seem to obsess about without ever realizing it.

    2. amy -
    to take, hold, or steal your heart. a person who is a soulmate. a good lover.

    3. amy - she is one fine mean looking girl. Though she is normally horny and likes to bash people during sex.

    (last one is classic. giles. watch out :P)

  2. I do not like urbandictionary. Have held a grudge against them ever since they repeatedly nixed my definition of John Flansburgh. IT WAS GOOD.

    Will do this! Maybe tomorrow! Maybe the next day!

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