Monday, 31 August 2009

On Arrogance, Macs and Tumblr

Well aware of how tedious it is for me to start every update with an apology, this time, I shall do no such thing. In fact, in a unbelievable streak of arrogance, I'm not only going to blame you personally for the lack of updates here, but I'm also going to post-date this entry to August. I've a rather beautiful streak of at least one post a month going at the moment, and I'm not about to let that go to seed simply because you couldn't be bothered to check here sooner.

It's okay, I forgive you. Just don't let it happen again.

So, I guess the big news is that I'm off to university, and moving to London! I have an address, a new bag, and a host of reading material all ready and (almost) packed, and, with any luck, this will be last update I post on this laptop. I'm moving to pastures whiter, and I'm getting a Mac at last.

That last statement will have made one third of you cheer, one third of you despair, and the other third wonder when I became such a nerd, wonder why you're reading this shit anyway and move on. The fact of the matter is that I've had it with PC's, and if me and Windows don't go on a break soon, I'm afraid we might have an irreparable falling out. As Becky 'YourTikken' Smith said on her WordPress:
I don’t dislike Windows. I used nothing BUT Windows up until last December. It’s just that, well, Apple products are so much easier. They cater to my simple mind. Everything is sleek and the keyboard shortcuts make sense and my Notebook takes about 30 seconds to start up, tops. It’s true: Apple is an all-pervasive, Orwellian, violating force – but my GOD does it feel good to get violated by them.
I've made my choice, you can fight it out in the comments.

In other news, some of you may recall that I ended my last post with a prediction that I would, before long, add a Tumblr account to the list of sites that I'll never use. Well, I did. I'm not all together sure that I'll stick around on there; as BillTvMacon said in one of his recent videos, Tumblr seems to be every site I already use all rolled into one. All they've added is 'Tumblarity' which just seems to be a rather heartless measure of how much you fail at using their site. And I fail a lot.

The problem is that Tumblr seems to be mainly suited to people that have a lot of varied media to share with the world. I don't take many photos (I always mean to, but forget, or my camera is out of battery), I rarely search for photos of my favourite bands unless I want a desktop background, I don't audioblog, I don't film videos, and aside from the occasional quote and a blog post on here, I haven't much text to share with the world that isn't linkable on Twitter. The end result of which is that I just end up parroting other people's posts, and, as most of the people that follow me on Tumblr already know each other, this seems a bit silly. Plus, the layout confuses me.

But regardless of my foreseen length of stay, you should all go and follow me anyway - It will make me childishly happy.

That's it for now. I might well write more this week, my Dad is on a writing course and I want to (as ever) prove that I'm better than him. I also have the house to myself, and as everyone that has been to my house will attest, writing is about all there is to do here.

Hope you're all well!