Saturday, 25 April 2009

BEDA the Twenty-Fifth: Excuses, Excuses

Bonjour, mes amis.

I do often wish that I had an opening line. Like zefrank's 'Good Morning Sports Racers!', or WheezyWaiter's 'Hey there, Beardlovers!'. I know that giving a collective name to all twelve of the people that follow this would be a bit pretentious, and to be honest, I doubt this is ever going to have more than 15 followers (yes, I am confident that three more will come!), so there's little point when I can address you all by name.

I guess I should really ask for your forgiveness. Last post, I said that more would come on the topic, and indeed more shall come. But not just yet. As well as the follow up post(s) to that, I have another quite ambitious blessay, which is in the process of being written, both of which I'd like to have up by the end of #BEDA.

Combine that with over-ambitious writing projects to my girlfriend (1 year and 3 months today, Happy Anniversary, baby! (Yes we are one of those couples that counts the months, if you knew me, you'd understand why! :P)), and I'm sure you can understand why these will all take a little longer than I'd hoped.

In other news, I'm starting to think quite seriously about getting into writing. I still don't think I'm really good enough, but I enjoy it, so why not? It's not going to be instead of music, I don't think, unless it takes off/is profitable (which from what I've heard, it really isn't), but it'll give me something to do in the meantime. So I've sent of some examples of my writing to a couple places, and am planning a project to try and highlight certain aspects of it, for an upcoming project by the BBC.

Sorry for the lack of anything real for a while, I hope to get on that by Monday.

Love to you all!


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