Tuesday, 21 April 2009

#BEDA the Twenty-First:
The Beckoning of Happiness

Hey, you!

As you may have noticed, I'm trying (and failing) to start this in a new way every day. I'm rapidly running out of ideas. 

Well today was nice. I'm straining to enjoy my days more at the moment. Trying to slowly build myself up to the schedule I was at before my interview. I'm still getting up late, but I've got designated practise time, Tv time, and 'be nice to my parents mother' time. It's like rehab for the lazy. But tomorrow (or maybe the next day) I'm going to really hit the job-hunting hard. Somewhere there's a tiny charity shop where I can read all day with my name on it! :D

I think I'm going to miss #BEDA, when it's over. I really like how my friends now remind me to blog. I'll miss reviewing my day each evening, it's like a little de-briefing. It isn't, however, something I could really keep up. Maybe someday in the future I'll have enough readers to warrant posting everyday, but at the moment I think I'm just annoying a fair few people. I'll maybe go back to weekly posts, but I'll try and include a little something extra each week for those that do follow me.

I'm really loving the sun at the moment as well. I always complain about summer when I have to get dressed up to go out. I tend to look better with more clothes on, instead of less. But when I'm at home I can just mooch about the garden with a G&T, barefoot in my shorts, like a hobbit. It's lovely. We have a little patch of sand in the middle of our garden, where we put up this above-ground pool we have in the summer, and I love walking over it. It reminds me of the beach (two weeks!).  We also had our first meal outside tonight, and I annoyed the neighbours and their horses by playing Beirut songs on my ukulele to my parents.

I'm getting a new uke! Some of you probably know this, especially as one of you was with me when I tried it out. It's a Tanglewood, same make as my guitar. It's a concert soprano, a bigger version of the two smaller ones I have now, and it's beautiful! Only £79, and I've managed to persuade my Mom to pay £30/40 of it. That leaves me with some money to get all of John Green's books, and The Office. I've not properly treated myself like that in quite a while, so I don't feel too guilty. Plus I'm trying to make sure I do it at a time when I can afford it on top of everything else. 

Anyway, I'm off to have a nice shower, and get myself some nom, but I'll leave you with this lovely site that Valerie posted on Twitter. It's called StairPorn, and it's really, strangely, brilliant. There're so many beautiful staircases and some really cool ones too! Definitely worth checking out! 

Hope you're all well, my dears!



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