Sunday, 21 March 2010

A New Regime

So hi.

It has, as usual, been a while. How have you been? How's that wonderful husband/wife/baby/boyfriend/girlfriend/dog of yours?

I've been in a bit of a dark place of late. There are a host of reasons, to which everyone will be sure they know the definitive answer. You don't. Regardless, the end result has been me not attending lectures for 5 weeks, not attending an exam, going back onto drugs, drinking myself into hospital on one occasion, and generally trying to keep myself buried in the little hole I dug for myself.

Obviously, this is not a productive way to go through life, especially university. I'm blessed with the fact that I've done a lot of what we're learning this year already at A-Level, so it won't be too hard to get back in, but it won't be without difficulties. I have, for example, blown off my singing teacher several times this term. I'm also lucky that no real* assignments were due in during this period.

So now, whether simply because I've run out of drugs and I'm running out of cigarettes, or whether it's due to some deep moral change, I'm changing. I'm gonna go clean, try and quit smoking again, restrict my drinking to healthy** amounts and turn up to lectures. It's going to be hard: I'm already getting headaches and nausea from some of the withdrawals and I spent most of last night dreaming about weed, but I'm going to do it.

Amsterdam might be tricky, though.

In related news, I've decided to lose weight. As a student, specifically a music student, I realise I am letting the collective side down by being anything other than horrifically skinny and malnourished. So, with a goal in mind, I'm setting out to shift a whole bunch (read: my love handles, stomach, and chubby-but-loveable ass wobbles) of weight. I won't be doing an AlanDistro-like blog along, simply because the added disappointment of 26 people*** on my conscience when I'm tucking into the free pot of Loseley Double Chocolate Ice Cream that comes free with every 'Party Feast' ordered from Red Planet Pizzas (I'm not sponsored, but if anyone from Red Planet is reading this, I'd be willing to negotiate) will be the last thing I need.

So that's it! My big news. I'll try and do another post this month, to bring you up to date with all that's going on in my life, instead of this rather unnecessary idiocy. For now, I'm off to wash 8 weeks worth of dirty washing and dishes.

Who knows? I might even shave!


*World Music doesn't count as a real module
** Well, healthier
*** Yes! That's how many people follow me now! Thank you all!