Tuesday, 14 April 2009

BEDA the Fourteenth: European Excursions!

Hello. Are you pantless? Are you?! Hmm? Hmm?! Well good. I'm not sure if we're still doing the whole #nopants thing in light of recent ambiguous revelations, but in my opinion it's always better to be pantsless!

Today was an odd day, but a nice day. I got my hair cut, firstly. It's shorter than any of you will remember me having (I say any of you, 90% of my readers have never met me! :P), but I really like it. I can't be assed to take pictures tonight, but I'm staying over at Amy's tomorrow, so I'll make sure we take photos then!

Anyway, after my hairdressers appointment, my parents went to go to the gym (they won three years free membership - Only them!), leaving me only with a train fare and some money for some brie. I stocked up on a very European lunch, set off for the train station, and left Dorchester and my parents behind.

I ended up not going home, but instead going off on a little excursion. Nowhere adventurous, but the knowledge that no one in the world had any idea where I was at that time really made me happy. It was a bit of time out from my own life. Natural time out, like I've not had before. It was lovely.

Anyway, I stayed there for an hour or two and then came back home, enjoyed my French lunch and watched One Tree Hill. It was the kind of day I've been dreaming of for weeks.

Then later on I found out that the jackdaws that had fairly innocuously been living in our chimney had somehow actually been blocking all the toxic fumes from our wood fire from escaping. As a result the house is now smoke free, but smells like an Anglo-Saxon soup kitchen, and is a toxic nightmare. So we might very well all asphyxiate in our sleep. In which case, I will have failed #BEDA. I have however taking the precaution of sleeping with the window open (which means in turn I can't have lights on for fear of moths), and the carbon monoxide detector isn't at critical yet, so we're okay.

So that's it from me today, and indeed tomorrow as I have a guest blogger in to fill in while I'm away, which should be fun! Hope you're all well, wish me luck with the breathing thing!

Socks first, then shoes.


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