Tuesday, 7 April 2009

BEDA the Seventh: Mr Muscle Woes!

Hello all.

Today's blog comes from the wonderful house of Coughlan, where I am currently shacked up with the eldest daughter, whilst the mother and baby sis are away. She has Vista - Yay! >.<

Now don't think I'm complaining, but one thing I don't think I'll ever really get used to is that experience of planning, writing, and re-drafting something like that last update, and getting just one positive rating (from my girlfriend). It's odd because all of the people whose blogs I read actually do something else, and so therefore have a bigger reader base, and as a direct result have great interaction from them. I, however, have done nothing apart from a few well aimed witticisms to minor celebrities on Twitter (thus earning me a ReTweet or a Reply), and told all of my friends that if they don't follow me, they obviously don't love me.

So I guess I can't be suprised when a post about something as obscure as Omegle.com gets less comments and ratings than I'd like. I can reassure myself with the thought that hopefully in the future I'll achieve something that'll bring readers and fangirls to my blog in their hordes, and then they'll rate and comment all my old posts like crazy. Until then, I'll just have to make wittier posts, and spam the interwebs until they get the ratings, comments, and spotlight showings that I'd like! :P

Anyway, in other (slightly old) news.. What's up with the new Mr. Muscle adverts?! Where's the weedy guy in the ill-fitting wife-beater? Now we've got some bulky dude in (again ill-fitting) spandex. They've removed the irony from the adverts, and well, now none of us can identify with the character like we could before. Way to kill your product, SC Johnson.

Also, all Britney Spears songs now sound the same. Discuss.


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