Thursday, 30 April 2009

BEDA the Last: Lookin' Back!

Hello, my lovers!

God, this is sad, isn't it? I'm genuinely tearing up. I had planned something epic, for this last post. #BEDA the Musical, maybe? It needs to happen!

The truth is, though, that like a lot of my fellow bloggers, I've run out of things to write about. If this were a Tv series, this would be the obligatory compilation episode, complete with a slow-mo montage, Barry Manilow, and italic writing. I could use screen shots and PowerPoint, but I just can't be bothered. It's hardly epic, and I only have half an hour.

Instead, I will link and discuss my three favourite moments, my three favourite blog posts by other people, and then summarise my #BEDA experience in a Scrubs/One Tree Hill kind of style.

There was the 'Oh My Eagle' post, where I predicted the rise of speed-paedophilia, and apparently pledged my support to all perverts. I'm not often fond of my writing or my futile attempts at humour, but I am a little proud of this post.

There was the time I almost failed! Oh, how we laughed! (Imagine this segment in the aforementioned montage stylee - it'll make it just a little less arrogant..) All credit must go to Casey for helping me not fail..

And there was the time when I went mad on UrbanDictionary. This is another one of those rare moments when I actually enjoyed reading back what I'd written, and was also when I started using asterisks!*

So that's that bit done, now the less egotistical segment!

I really enjoy dozzzier's style of writing. It's witty, informative, and is really a pleasure to read. At times, it reads like a professional journalist, particularly her account of the #amazonfail business, which I linked to in my post about it. This post is probably my favourite, though. I love how it just shows a mundane, uneventful day, and really brings it to life!

I know I said that I wouldn't link anymore posts from my blog but this one wasn't by me. It was by my girlfriend, Amy, who was my first guest blogger, and I really do think it's brilliant. I know I'm terribly biased, but I think that considering she'd not even heard of blogging before she found herself lumbered with me, she took to it so naturally (of course, being super nice to me always helps! :P). I'd love to see more!

One of the people whose blogs I was introduced to by #BEDA (when I will stop using the hashtag, God only knows..) was Valerie's. And it's actually the first post I read of hers that I'm linking to now. All of her posts are brilliant, but this one just stood out for the sheer poetry of it (a poetry that I ruined with an idiotic comment). Enjoy.

Well that's it from me and #BEDA. I'll miss it, I really will. It gave me such a wonderful chance to feel part of a huge blogging community as well as showing me blogs I probably wouldn't have ever seen, and bringing me closer to some of the many people I speak to online each day.

In a speech straight out of the Oscars, I'd like to thank everyone that has read my inane updates each day, both of my guest bloggers, and everyone who has commented, rated, linked, and given me ideas. You are all amazing.

Thank you, and goodnight!


*Made you look! (Did you think I wouldn't?)

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  1. The crowd stands as one, an ovation, and is also a little teary-eyed. xD