Friday, 17 April 2009

BEDA the Seventeenth: My bad!

Well, yes. Lets not talk about it too much, shall we? I almost failed #BEDA, and needless to say, I saw my blogging life flash before my eyes. So let's focus on the positive instead, shall we?

Wednesday saw my first guest blogger, Amy! I kind of threw her in the deep end, a bit, as she's never blogged before, and didn't really know anything about it until she started dating me! Despite this, she did really well, and got the highest number of positive ratings this blog has had so far! So a big success for Amy! *claps*

So in related news, part of my intention when I started #BEDA was to get more interaction with my readers and followers. Not the horrible corporate 'interaction' that people follow you on Twitter to provide, but real interaction. More comments, ratings, questions and ideas. So far, I'd say it's been pretty successful. I'm now getting at least two ratings every post, and my average number of comments have gone up. I've had some great ideas input and I even had one of my followers write it a post for me!

I still think I can get more, and I'd love to. Partly I'd like to try and make the 'guest blogger' thing a regular occurrence. That'll hopefully come in time, but really, anyone's welcome! Let me know in the comments, or email me.
The other thing I'd really like is your involvement with changing the layout. This layout's quite a typical one, and there's been a huge influx of blogs looking like these due to #BEDA, so I'm gonna be throwing some new layouts at you, as well as new sidebars and new describeys (^ Up there, BeardLovers ^).

Anyway, as most of you know now, YouTube's changing. I'll admit that my attitude to the changes has changed quite radically, and whilst I'm still apprehensive about what affect this will have on the communities we've built around user-generated content, I'm sure we'll pull through it. I've heard good reports from people for whom it's already changed, and I just hope that YouTube aren't going to do a Hulu, and forget about us over the pond.

In other news, the new Harry Potter trailer is out! Yes, I did dance a little.. It looks amazing. Some really great acting there from Tom Felton in the part of Draco. I'm still concerned about the soppy Harry/Ginny kiss as opposed to the fiery one in the books but meh. I'm just happy it's going to happen! Bring on June!

One last thing (yes I'm compensating for almost failing yesterday by writing a really long post today, deal with it!), the ever benevolent, omniscient and powerful John Green (@realjohngreen), has pledged to donate $1,000 to the fight against malaria, if we can convince the now-being-followed-by-a-million-people actor Aston Kutcher (@aplusk) to follow him on Twitter. Aston is obviously gonna have a lot of spammy @Replies, so we're going to have to use our numbers.

NerdFighters - To work!

Happy hunting!


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