Sunday, 26 April 2009

BEDA the Twenty-Sixth: Meme Time and Dr. Horrible

Hi everybody!

It's your favourite time of the month! Meme time! (Not to be confused with Mean Time - A period necessary in every loving relationship.*) However, in the words of Yogi Bear: This ain't just your average internet meme, Booboo!

This time it's the meme king Alex Day that's behind the wheel, and it's not just another 'Five Facts and tag' game. It's called 'The Cube', and before you read any further, I need you to watch this video here (or just skip this bit and move on to the all-singing, all-dancing bit further down).

Seen it? Interesting, huh? I imagined a black cube, about 50 by 50cm, but it was a computer-type thing (like the one in the Terry Prachett novel Truckers, if you've read it). It was just sitting there, in the cracked dry desert. The ladder was completely vertical, and right in the background, and the horse was just standing around near the box, but in much the same position in the background as the ladder. I couldn't really place the flower anywhere properly, but it was in the foreground. The storm was in full throw, but there was no rain or lightening coming down. It was just loitering overhead.

To be honest, I'm not all that sure how much faith I place in it. I guess it makes sense in some ways, I have little confidence in myself, but I do think I'm quite intelligent. I do like to keep things separate like it suggests, and I try not to let the rain dampen my spirits. But as many of my friends will attest, I lean on my friends for everything, and my girlfriend is everything to me. So unless sub-consciously I'm a complete loner (and at this point I think we're trying to make the questions fit the answer) I'm not completely taken in by the whole thing.**
Still, it's an interesting psychological experiment, and I'd be very interested to read the accompanying book.

The second part of today's post is dedicated to something I'd heard of before, but never experienced it fully until today. 
I'd heard covers, such as Bill's, Hank's and Lauren's, and I was roughly aware of what it was, and so today I decided to take the plunge. It said on the Wikipedia page, that it was available on Hulu, for people in all countries.

It lied. Thankfully, however, a very nice user named KarikiNeroli has it uploaded on their YouTube account, so I watched it on there, and I can honestly say, I've never seen a musical quite as brilliant. I'm not going to compare it to Rent, or Les Mis, because it's obviously not in the same league (it's about 45 minutes long and is the brainchild of Buffy/Firefly creator Joss Whedon), but it was hilarious, with amazing, catchy, and well-sung songs, and it just did not disappoint, from start to finish.

I know a lot of you reading this will have seen it already, but those that haven't, you should.

Anyways, that's it from me today. I have the rest of this next week planned out. It's a little ironic that I've been wondering what to write about for most of the month, and now I have so much to pack into so little time!

Hope you're all well, and had a fabulous weekend.


*Not to be confused with Greenwich Mean Time, which is apparently some sort of localised period of frugality.
**Having said all this I just went through it with a friend and we found several plausible answers for all the odd parts. I'm still not fully convinced, however, so what I said still stands.


  1. Here were my answers:

    - ice cube, 7 feet tall. ish
    - wooden ladder, normal size, leaning against cube
    - black horse, standing off to the side of the cube and ladder
    - storm way way off in the distance, lightning and thunder, all pretty looking
    - flowers were in the horse's mouth. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!

    Cannibalism? Abusive spouse? :S

  2. Haha! The funniest thing is that when I clicked on the link to the book it's all supposed to be a big, age old secret.

    I think the cat may be out of the bag..