Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Down with the Sickness

So I was, admittedly, still a bit stoned when I wrote that last entry, and although it wasn't intentional, I paid for it afterwards. The pills I took to try and send me to sleep, did everything but make me dozy, and as a consequence, I woke up early after a fitful nights sleep, stoned and hungry, then felt sick for the rest of the day, which really turned an admittedly already poor weekend into a shocking one. However, I woke up today (and that's another story) and I felt fine, and I still do, which is great, so no serious repercussions from my ill-advised drugs experiment.

Today, however, I woke up at 3:00PM, like I have every day for the last week or two, and seriously, besides all of the 'creature of the night' jokes, it sucks. So I'm going to the doctors, which as anyone that knows me will attest, I hate doing, to see if they can give me some sleeping tablets, or find some way of helping me. No doubt my girlfriend and best friend will both want me to go in for the various other ailments that besiege my broken body, but I think curing the sleep problems I've had since I was 13 is enough to be going on with.

As a parting gift, I present to you SteamPotVille, a book by Steve Ouch. I met Steve on Twitter, and I saw the link to his book. It's aimed at children, and it's amazing, really lovely and all done by Steve himself, which to be honest makes it all even more incredible. As soon as I get some money, it's first on my list of books to buy, and as soon as I do, I'll review it on my ProjectRead 2009 blog. Check Steve's book out here.

Hope you're all well, and not letting the return to college/school/work get you too down.

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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Pink Curry, The Raven, and Through the Looking Glass

The past couple days have had a surreality of sorts. My sleeping pattern's gone to shit again, and things have just taken on a weirdness that is almost indescribable. This reached a peak this morning, when I woke up, still in a heavily drugged state from the sleeping tablets I took to get myself sorted out, and mooched through the house for something to eat and drink, and saw it in a completely new angle.

I'm enjoying messing with perspective at the moment, as apparently, is my Dad. We had pink curry and green naans for supper last night. Odd. Last night, perusing the internet, I came across some Harry Potter fanfiction and got reading. Before I knew it I was an avid fan, and was bookmarking pages of the stuff. That in turn sparked off an more-than-passing love affair with The Raven, by Edgar Allen-Poe, a poem I knew and loved before, but had never seen in such a beautiful light before.

Now this morning, as I look through YouTube, I came across a comment on a CocoRosie video that got me thinking. The comment was about the surreality of their world, and how their music takes us into that fantasy, and I agree, but I think it's more than that. I'm starting to realise the enormity of the communities we've only half looked into before, and how everything is interlinked, and I'm starting to feel a little bit like Alice as she went down that hole.

So, for the meantime, until my parents stir, I will return my dreamland, and enjoy naivety.


Thursday, 8 January 2009

FiveAwesomePodcasts, haircuts, and other propaganda.

I thought I'd share some podcasts with you. Almost every podcast I listen to asks me to subscribe, and give them a mention, so I thought I'd do it all together. With the exception of one, all of these podcasts are relative underdogs in the 'casting world, but they're all made entirely of awesome. So check them out.

Vaguely Live Radio
Run by Alex Day (Nerimon) and Jimmy Hill (Jimmy0010), this is a shambolic, Skype orientated Podcast, that's just great to listen to to relax, and have fun. It's funny, but not chaotically so. Subscribe, and enjoy!

Another podcast from one of the fiveawesomeguys, this is Todd-tastic. He has such a brilliant, random sense of humour, and has all your favourite YouTube stars on as guests! Don't forget to Rate, Comment, and Favourite - It will make Todd happy!

The Perfect 10: With Phil Jupitus, and Phill Wilding
Phil Jupitus, a welshman, obscenities, a fetching hat, and Stephen Fry. Do you honestly need anything else from a podcast?

Armstrong and Miller: TimeGhost
A sketch show Podcast from the comedian double act. Brilliant if you like a laugh at pompous critics, and equally brilliant to fall asleep to... It's pleasantly soothing.

Stephen Fry's Podgrams
Okay, okay. So it's one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes.. but if you don't get it, you should. Funny, intelligent, and just generally awesome.. There's a reason it's #1.

All of these are also available on iTunes as well, just search for them. The majority of people I know don't use iTunes anymore, so I thought I'd make it easy for you all..

In other news: I got a new haircut, which means I can start work soon, and I'm also considering making a rather big change in lifestyle. For the past few weeks, I've not eaten a huge lot of meat, and anytime I have, it's been in the company of my parents. A recent discussion about vegetarianism, combined with an aptly timed vlog from JohnnyDurham19, and a bit of Twitter propaganda later, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna make the change when I get to uni. It just seems like a sensible choice, and a more ethical choice. Comment your opinions below.



Two websites I found interesting:
Veganise Me
Watch Earthlings

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Time to Pretend

To put it quite simply -
I heart this song.

Patrick Wolf & Bandstocks

Patrick Wolf - Battle

Patrick Wolf, my favourite artist in case you hadn't realised, is releasing his next album, Battle, on Bandstocks. Basically this means that he gets to own the rights to his own album (a right not even The Beatles had) and you get a ton of groovy extras when you invest. Plus, if he makes a profit (which he totally will, he's awesome like that...) you get your money back, and then some!!

So yeah, you should totally be as excited about this as I am, and even if you only think Patrick's alright, and you don't mind listening to him, you should still invest... More money and special goodies - What's bad about that?!

The only problem here is that the website, Bandstocks, won't let you invest if you don't live in the UK. However, you don't need to have a UK bank account, so you can just lie as you set up your account, invest, and all will be awesome!


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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Project Read 2009

As part of my continued dedication to watch less, read more this year, I've set up a new blog, specifically for what I am now calling 'Project Read 2009'. I'll be doing book reviews, shout outs, and a TV free month, whilst trying to build a community of people who just need a little encouragement to read more.

So check it out, and join in!


Monday, 5 January 2009

Loo Literature

As part of my 'Watch Less, Read More' project for 2009, I've decided to take a book into the toilet with me, and read a chapter everytime I need the loo. I will choose a book, and read it solely in the bathroom until I've finished it, then I will start another one. I will make a list over on the sidebar, telling you what book I'm on, and which books I've read.

I'm starting with Catcher in the Rye, by JD Salinger, after I was inspired to reread it by John Green's enthusiastic teaching made me see it in a whole new light.

So come on! Grab a book, and join me!
I'll see you on the bowl!


Sunday, 4 January 2009

2009: The Re-Up

...As Eminem would have us say.

I must admit how much I hate that the start of each year brings with it new blogs aplenty, fresh columns, and an increase in vlogging, each one filled with obvious remembrancy and false promises by the gallon. But try though I have to beat them, they just keep on coming, so I figured ThisModernLove would have to follow the crowd.

Generally, I don't do resolutions. I tend to joke about them, and come up with something I should probably change in my life, and that is about the extent to which they amount. This year started in much the same vein. As we all sat around the table eating cheese and port, to the sound of our host's mother cleaning the vomit out of his jeans, I proudly announced that 2009 was the year I would finish my album. I stand by that vow, and I fully intent to keep that 'resolution'.

However, I've recently started to change my outlook a bit. With the help of John and Hank Green, and all those at the Ning, as well as all of the amazing work that has come out of two brothers' crazy New Years idea, I've begun to realise that what you get out of life is directly commeasurate to the amount you put into it. So really my resolution this year is to do more, and get involved. There are some fantastic things going on in this world, and it's so easy to get involved, but I have this rather annoying habit of finding a million and one reasons not to, and reasons to wait until it's too late.

But with Obama entering the White House, Patrick Wolf promising a new album, and The Big Fat Quiz of 2008 being devoid of the Goth Detectives, it would seem that 2009 is the year of change. To that end, I will endevour (and you can pick me up and remind me of this) to:

- Watch less, read more
- Take every chance I get
- Update this more frequently
- Post something on YouTube
... and finish the album.

Generally: 'Do more'.
Hopefully I won't look back at this in summer with a tinge of guilt and regret, but a pride that I've started to take steps in the right direction.

I'm going to stop my relentless advertising for this blog; A bulletin on MySpace, and a link on Facebook, and word of mouth will now be all you'll see. However, I do like to feel I'm not wittering to myself, so if you like what you read, follow me, and reccomend me to your friends. Comment and rate as well. It'll help me write more if I know there's a point to it, and comments and ratings help a blogger feel wanted!

Best wishes!