Wednesday, 22 April 2009

#BEDA the Twenty-Second:
These titles are getting silly

Hey gorgeous!

Okay, so this going to be quick (that's what she said, ha!). I literally couldn't think about what to write, more than usual. This might be because I woke up about 10 minutes before I left for my piano lesson, in which I played lots of lovely blues, and then I came back here and watched Alex Day on BlogTv. So yeah, not a whole lot to write about.

I'm actually getting better at piano, though, which is made of yay! I can almost play with both hands, and my improvisations getting there too. This makes me sound like such an amateur. I can play piano, just not boogie-woogie, and well, not very well at all, if I'm honest. But shh.

I'm re-considering learning to drive. I have previously said that I'll never learn to drive unless it's really getting in the way of things. At the moment, I can get a bus pretty much right to Amy's house, and there's a main line train station that runs past my doorstop that'll take me all the way to London if I let it. So no problems so far.

But today I was being driven by my Dad back from my lesson and we were driving past a really nice bit of countryside, and I just really regretted that I'd never just be alone, driving to nowhere with Zach Condon tingling my senses as I take in the vista. And then learning to drive just seemed to make sense. I am still very severely dyspraxic though, I can't tell my left from my right (for serious, I really can't), and I have terrible co-ordination. So maybe it's best if I stay off the roads.

Anyway, that's it for today. I haven't included any links in this, so I guess that makes me a bad blogger.

Suck it.


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