Tuesday, 28 April 2009

BEDA the Twenty-Eighth: Suprise Work Sucks Ass

Gooday, Sunshine!

So today really sucked.

It started off with my Dad waking me up, to tell me that I'm working today and tomorrow. Apparently the hospital is hideously busy, and horrendously understaffed, so yours truly was dragged in to help out. So the initial yayness of work (and therefore monies) was almost immediately outweighed by the potential of a sucky day.

But still, you'll remember me saying that I really enjoyed work last time, so I made my way in, cautiously optimistic, and to a degree, I was right to be. There was a new face working there, Alistair, who's just about a year older than me, and me and him got on well, and for a busy day, the work panned out nice and evenly without any big rushes. However, I was still shattered from the lack of sleep (I fell asleep at about 5:00am last night), and by about 3:00pm, with two hours to go, I wanted to go home.

Overall, it was tiring, boring, but okay. But then I realised that I was going to have to do the same thing tomorrow, and the day after, when I had so much planned for this week, and I began to flag. This, partnered with a severe lack of food, lack of sympathy from every that's ever worked ever, and a lack of anything on iPlayer to cheer me up, and I don't want to wake up tomorrow, let alone go work with the dying.

So you'll forgive me if this post is shit.

I need a hug.. Big time.


(Disclaimer: I'm not claiming to have the market cornered as far as LifeSuck goes, or as far as shitty days go. I know that some people are going through far worse than this right now, and my heart goes right out to them. You should totally give them hugs first. I'm just feeling really low, and I can't be assed to fake a smile for this thing tonight. Sorry..) 

EDIT: So I'm feeling better, now. One of my biggest faults is that I have a tendancy to overthink things, and crippling self-confidence. Hence, one of the most depressing blog posts since I started this thing.. But I just read a little post that made me realise that things will get better, and then I made chocolate ReadyBrek, hot chocolate, and started watching Friends.

As long as I breathe deep, and think shallow, I think I'm good!


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