Sunday, 4 January 2009

2009: The Re-Up

...As Eminem would have us say.

I must admit how much I hate that the start of each year brings with it new blogs aplenty, fresh columns, and an increase in vlogging, each one filled with obvious remembrancy and false promises by the gallon. But try though I have to beat them, they just keep on coming, so I figured ThisModernLove would have to follow the crowd.

Generally, I don't do resolutions. I tend to joke about them, and come up with something I should probably change in my life, and that is about the extent to which they amount. This year started in much the same vein. As we all sat around the table eating cheese and port, to the sound of our host's mother cleaning the vomit out of his jeans, I proudly announced that 2009 was the year I would finish my album. I stand by that vow, and I fully intent to keep that 'resolution'.

However, I've recently started to change my outlook a bit. With the help of John and Hank Green, and all those at the Ning, as well as all of the amazing work that has come out of two brothers' crazy New Years idea, I've begun to realise that what you get out of life is directly commeasurate to the amount you put into it. So really my resolution this year is to do more, and get involved. There are some fantastic things going on in this world, and it's so easy to get involved, but I have this rather annoying habit of finding a million and one reasons not to, and reasons to wait until it's too late.

But with Obama entering the White House, Patrick Wolf promising a new album, and The Big Fat Quiz of 2008 being devoid of the Goth Detectives, it would seem that 2009 is the year of change. To that end, I will endevour (and you can pick me up and remind me of this) to:

- Watch less, read more
- Take every chance I get
- Update this more frequently
- Post something on YouTube
... and finish the album.

Generally: 'Do more'.
Hopefully I won't look back at this in summer with a tinge of guilt and regret, but a pride that I've started to take steps in the right direction.

I'm going to stop my relentless advertising for this blog; A bulletin on MySpace, and a link on Facebook, and word of mouth will now be all you'll see. However, I do like to feel I'm not wittering to myself, so if you like what you read, follow me, and reccomend me to your friends. Comment and rate as well. It'll help me write more if I know there's a point to it, and comments and ratings help a blogger feel wanted!

Best wishes!


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  1. Yay Patrick Wolf promising a new Alum!

    I hope you will stick to what you said!
    Good luck, looking forward to listening to your album.

    x.o.x.o. Dalia!