Sunday, 11 January 2009

Pink Curry, The Raven, and Through the Looking Glass

The past couple days have had a surreality of sorts. My sleeping pattern's gone to shit again, and things have just taken on a weirdness that is almost indescribable. This reached a peak this morning, when I woke up, still in a heavily drugged state from the sleeping tablets I took to get myself sorted out, and mooched through the house for something to eat and drink, and saw it in a completely new angle.

I'm enjoying messing with perspective at the moment, as apparently, is my Dad. We had pink curry and green naans for supper last night. Odd. Last night, perusing the internet, I came across some Harry Potter fanfiction and got reading. Before I knew it I was an avid fan, and was bookmarking pages of the stuff. That in turn sparked off an more-than-passing love affair with The Raven, by Edgar Allen-Poe, a poem I knew and loved before, but had never seen in such a beautiful light before.

Now this morning, as I look through YouTube, I came across a comment on a CocoRosie video that got me thinking. The comment was about the surreality of their world, and how their music takes us into that fantasy, and I agree, but I think it's more than that. I'm starting to realise the enormity of the communities we've only half looked into before, and how everything is interlinked, and I'm starting to feel a little bit like Alice as she went down that hole.

So, for the meantime, until my parents stir, I will return my dreamland, and enjoy naivety.


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