Sunday, 30 November 2008

So Here We Are... Again.

So my UCAS application has been completed, filled out, and I used my mom's credit card to pay the £7 to send it off to Goldsmiths for application. I'm scared. Shit scared. I've done this before, so it's old hack to me, I guess, but this time it's different. This time if I get rejected, that's it. Game over, find something else to do. So now I'm just playing the waiting game.

I'm four songs into the album, including a rather lovely number about sitcom romance. The songs are coming easier than I though they would, which is probably just due to not having written in a while. It might be a bad sign, but I'll wait until the intense self-doubting stage of compostion stage of writing before I confirm this. I've also started work on a sketch show, as well as a stand up show. The sketch show will probably never get picked up, unless I do, and the stand up is really just in case I go somewhere were improvisation just won't do, as I generally prefer going with what comes to me on the roll.

So I guess creatively, things are looking up. Which is good as my insomnia is going into overdrive, and I'm really starting to long for the city. Listening to Bloc Party brings back all the memories, sights, sounds and the feel of the cold London air on my face. I miss Berlin, too. I wanna go back to Kreuzberg, and see the East Side Gallery again. Inner city beauty.
My sleeping problems aren't helped by the baby wailing 24/7 in the room next door to mine. I will never understand my neighbours decision to put a 1 year old next to an 18 year old, but what can you do? What indeed can you do, apart from turn the speakers around so their pointing towards said baby, and play the theme music to The Magic Roundabout.. Sweet dreams with that psycho music, kid!


P.S - Whilst searching for The Magic Roundabout I came across this rather charming remix. It's just a couple of days older than me!

P.P.S - Hi! To my one follower.. Thanks for being all nice and clicking 'Follow'.

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