Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Patrick Wolf & Bandstocks

Patrick Wolf - Battle

Patrick Wolf, my favourite artist in case you hadn't realised, is releasing his next album, Battle, on Bandstocks. Basically this means that he gets to own the rights to his own album (a right not even The Beatles had) and you get a ton of groovy extras when you invest. Plus, if he makes a profit (which he totally will, he's awesome like that...) you get your money back, and then some!!

So yeah, you should totally be as excited about this as I am, and even if you only think Patrick's alright, and you don't mind listening to him, you should still invest... More money and special goodies - What's bad about that?!

The only problem here is that the website, Bandstocks, won't let you invest if you don't live in the UK. However, you don't need to have a UK bank account, so you can just lie as you set up your account, invest, and all will be awesome!


(Oh, and rate, comment, and follow - It makes me happy!)


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