Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Forgive me?

Well hello.

So I realise I've been terribly slack in updating this recently: My bad. I don't really have any excuses, apart from semi-valid mumblings about business, trips to London, and illness. However, I figured that I'm dressed up like an author today, so I might as well act like one.

My guilt was compounded by a good, more-thorough-than-usual perusal of Alan Lastufka's blog. It's one of those blogs where you really want to go back and read from the start, and where you feel all sad when you reach the last entry. There are quite a few really good written blogs like Alan's out there, and Lord knows I love nothing more than a good blog. I'd quite like to compile some sort of shortlist of all of my favourites for you sometime (if I'm feeling really pro-active I may even do it today).

So, as many of you may know, I went to London last week, to present myself to Goldsmiths and show them what I have. I'd pretty much spent all my time leading up to it preparing three recorded demos to show them, and hardly any on my performance, and when it came to it, they wanted more from the performance and only listened to one demo. Lucky, when you consider that one of my demos was a complete rip-off of the Doctor Who theme. Still, the interview went well, and I was able to convince them that I'm not just another 'original' indie spit-out. The interviewer hadn't actually heard the pieces I performed before, which I'm seeing as a positive thing. The group activity wasn't so great, mainly due to overconfidence and thirst to prove myself on my part (how very Slytherin of me), and the faltering confidence of the rest of my group. Hopefully the interviews will even it all out.. Fingers crossed.

The rest of my time in London was lovely. It was really nice seeing Casey again, I've really missed her. Plus, I got myself an Oyster Card, so I don't feel like so much of a tourist anymore. At the end of the week, Amy came down , and we went to go see Patrick Wolf together. Oh, dear lord, was he good. It was easily the best gig I've ever been to, not least because of that unbeatable feeling of seeing your favourite artist and, well, idol do what he does best four metres in front of you. On top of that though, it was a performance the likes of which I'd never seen. He came out in brilliant costumes, slowly each of them stripping off throughout the performances. New songs were interspersed with old favourites, all of which sounded simply amazing. The megamix worked in his favour, as most people seemed to know the choruses to each of the new songs. I think, howvever, that Patrick's going to need a review of his own, so I'll get onto that. I'll probably throw some pictures in too, so I'll grab some off Amy, and I'll see if Jess wants to lend a hand writing it, too. Aside from Patrick it was really nice being in London with Amy. Last time we didn't get much of a chance to see it, so we made up for that by spending lots of time getting lost in Chinatown and Soho.. Always fun! :D

In other, less fabby news, my laptop's broken. Again. I think that this says more about my Dad's trust of eBay than it does about my treatment of my property, although I am the first to admit I give things a bit of abuse. However, it's [hopefully] fixable, and, if not, there's a chance my Medion (my old, old, laptop I had at the beginning of this blog) is.

And finally, after making a big broohaha (you know I love them!) about putting this blog onto Facebook last time, I'm now taking it off. The latest changes they've made has meant that all of the irksome idiots I'm friends with on there can see my every move, whilst I'm informed of all twenty of their inane status updates. The obvious answer to this would be to delete some friends, but I like being popular. So as from now, neither my YouTube favouritings, or my blog posts will appear on my profile. Not until I am once more enamoured with Facebook, anyway.

Hope you're all well.

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