Wednesday, 18 February 2009

So yeah..

Minor breakdowns + blogging = suck. As some of you may have possibly grasped, that last post is where the 'bi-polaric' aspect of my wanky, pretentious, overly worded description thingy (^) comes into play. I can only apologise.. I am considering medication.

In other news, I've found a nifty little import device that means that this blog is now appearing on my Facebook as a 'Note'. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. I guess it's good that it means that youse don't even have to shift of your social networking asses to click on my link here anymore ('cos God knows how I hate clicking links, I really do), but I am, in general, not a huge fan on the Facebook 'Note' way of blogging. I think that anything that calls itself a 'Note' (I will cease with the inverted commas now) should be treated as such, as Oscar Wilde said, back when spades were all the rage. Notes are for telling people of impending virus threats, asking your parents to cancel your piano lesson, and quoting Ministry of Magic songs to unsuspecting readers. Not, as Facebook seems to think, for unloading the clothing of the soul (or in my case, 'playing columnist'). However, I will quit complaining and let you read, just as long as you remember to poke me.

Also, as you probably know, Facebook has changed it's Terms of Service, after the big broohaha (I really do love nothing more than a good broohaha) about them claiming possession of all of our shit, which lead to bands, artists, and other copyright needing types to leave in their dozens. So that's nice of them.

New Zealand, however, is still going to be a sucky place to live soon.
Do something about it.

Don't forget to be awesome,
and to Rate, Comment, Follow, and Poke.


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