Sunday, 29 March 2009

Well that was fun.

If I didn't believe in keeping everything you put in the public eye where you put it, so that people can forever read and judge your mistakes, I would remove that last post. However, I do, and so I won't. However, consider me well and truly proven wrong.

I'm writing this on my Dad's laptop, looking out of the window at a gorgeous summer (can we say 'Summer' yet? Maybe Spring. Has Spring sprung?) day, whilst waiting for my friend Ryan to come over. Due to certain circumstances, I will not be posting this for a while, so when you read this, Ryan should have arrived, merriment will have ensued, and Wizard Rock songs will have been played. Hopefully. He hasn't actually called to say when he's coming yet.

Radio Four just had a play about the disciples of Jesus, which mainly starred northern actors. There's something so special about hearing the Sermon on the Mount being told in a Geordie accent ("The poour shall be furst"). It did, however, have a more serious undertone, in that it simply reinforces the Western ideal that Jesus was a ginger white bloke, with designer stubble and a sexy voice.

It was exactly the kind of thing I love to use Twitter for, apart from the fact that I can't log in to my account. I forgot my password, and all of my attempts to get Twitter to email me the password reset details have been so far, futile. I would encourage all of you to email Twitter and petition them to email me, but I doubt it would help, and hopefully, by the time this goes out, I will be back on and tweeting up for lost time.

Anyway, for the moment, my Dad's laptop is my only form of internet, as mine is still quite dead. He seems to have a pathological phobia of downloading programmes (convinced as he is that everything apart from Internet Explorer and MSN are chock full of viruses), which has the horribly real ramifications of causing me to miss 'Free Agents'. I also miss Twhirl (pointless although it is atm), Chrome, and Skype (granted I never use it, but I like having it on my Desktop). As a result I am throwing myself at iPlayer and YouTube with a renewed energy, and when they let me down (which they do often), I turn to the rather fabby world of blogs. At the moment, I am loving John Green's blog, as it provides me with over three years worth of witty material. However, any other entertaining, free, internet material would be much appreciated.. Link me in the comments.

I can't help but notice that this is quite a disjointed update, and for that I can only apologise, and link you to the 'Waiting for Godot' website, without trying to find a way to seamlessly work it in. It looks bloody fantastic, and I'd love to go see it (not just because I'm a McKellen fanboy). So yeah.. Check it out.

Hope you're all okay, and doing much better than me right now.

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