Monday, 16 February 2009

Singles Awareness and LinkFest 2009

Why, harrow!

How are you? I hope you're well, and that you had a happy Valentine's Day (or Single's Awareness Day, as one of my friends wished me), however you chose to spend it. I had a lovely day with the lady; We went to see 'The Curious Tale of Benjamin Button', which was amazing, then went out to eat in the evening (which was the first time I've ever reserved a table in my name), then toasted marshmallows when we got home. I was particularly proud of the fire I made from nothing, especially as I don't get many chances to prove my manliness. :D The whole weekend was rather lovely, really.

So this is really just a short post to update y'all, really. The tickets for Patrick Wolf came through today, which is awesome, and I've just rehearsed 'Teignmouth' to perform at my audition. I'm pretty sure I'm going to perform that, now, just as long as I can get a piano. I'm also pretty busy this week, as I've set myself the challenge of making sure I have all three songs written by Friday, as I've been pissing about and procrastinating. Once they're done, it's into the studio to record, onto Audacity to mix them, then onto my MySpace for you lot, and onto a CD for Goldsmiths.

I've been tagged in hundreds of '25 Facts', and '45 Questions', and a naked vlogging game (which is weird as I don't vlog), and I was gonna do one of those on Twitter and make it all cool and get it to trend and all that shit. But I forgot, so I can't be fucked with that idea now. I might just do one on here sometime this week, if you're lucky.

Also, as some of you may have noticed, my picture on a lot of my sites is just a black screen. This is part of a protest against copyright laws that violent the very basics of human rights, that are going to be forced on New Zealanders in a few days. People are acting out, all over the world, and artists are being encouraged to voice their disapproval. Lots of non-artists are joining the petition, and you can too: Go to, and join in the protest!

Hope you're all okay.

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