Sunday, 28 June 2009

Oh Lord..

You know there's not a part of this email that doesn't scare me to the depths of my very soul?
My dear. how are you doing today hope fine. my name is Confidence. i just came acros your profile today at nerdfighters. on my search for relationship. To me age. distance. race and color do not matter. rather what i value most is the understanding and love that will exist between us. So in a specially manner i will like to further communication with you so as for us to know each other well. if you share the same view with me you can get back to me.
yours in love Confidence.
Her full name, apparently, is Confidence Doe.

Aside from the fact that whoever sent this has obviously done a good bit of stalking, as it came to an address I don't use for the Ning, instead to one I've mentioned in passing to a friend once, what scares me the most about this, is the line:
'..the understanding and love that will exist between us.'
Apparently, I have no choice in the matter!

Yet another reason, methinks, to stay away from the Ning.



  1. I got this exact thing in my inbox too! Out of control.