Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Obligatory Updates!

So that last post referenced a load of fairly big things that have happened in my life that I have yet to tell you lot about, and it felt shoddy just tacking them on at the end, there, so instead you get two updates in one afternoon! You lucky lot, you!

So firstly. I'm now going to University in September, to Kingston to read Music. I briefly outlined the situation in the last post, but basically I thought that when I didn't reply to them at the beginning of last year's term, that they'd have given my place away like they threatened. Then I forgot that I'd applied for this next year at all, as I got caught up in the Goldsmiths broohaha. I recently got a letter from them asking me to sort accomodation (which I did) and telling me they were looking forward to seeing me in September.
So after a lot of deliberation, I decided to go, partially fearful that were I not to, I'd never actually get into university at all. I did however, also speak to various people about Goldsmiths, and about the course at Kingston, and I feel sure that I'd do much better at Kingston than I would at Goldsmiths, where even on the audition day, I felt somewhat dwarfed in terms of talent.

Other news includes me getting an organ (£20 from the local village hall - 'Tis broke but easily fixed), the purchase of my very first John Green book (Looking for Alaska), alongside The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the first three seasons of The Office (see below), and my goals for the one week I have off.

Basically, in a rash moment of motivation, I decided to have five songs up on my MySpace (at least two of which must be GBM orginals), both this and my Project Read blog updated and sorted out, a podcast out, and a busking licence, by this next coming Sunday. As yet, I have one cover of Beirut's 'The Penalty' up on MySpace, and two half edited blog rants on here.

Evidently, I have lots of work to do!

Anyways, I am off to my piano lesson, and in the true spirit of v/b-loggers all over the world - I'll edit this when I get back.


The Office: Season 2, Episode 11
Looking for Alaska: Page 119
Perks of Being a Wallflower: Unstarted
Infinite Jest: Not yet purchased.

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