Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Why I love my friends:

Ricky: So, after the first day of competition....who are you favouring?

Me: What?


I think the Irish really have a strong chance again, man.

Ricky: I'm still rooting with the Irish

Me: Moran's better than ever, and Mullet may be getting on a bit, but he's still bringing in the points.

Ricky: Who can discount the Bulgarians though....Krum is still a force to be reckoned with

Me: True, but I think they've had their day, to be honest. I don't think they'll make it past the semis.

Ricky: How are you feeling the French this year?

Me: I don't think they'll make it past that match with Sweden.

Had they been drawn against, say, Italy, first, I think they'd have had more of a chance,

but I think Sweden will dominate them, and they won't really recover.

Ricky: A lot of the Scandinavia have some good representation this year

Me: They have.

Ricky: Finland are looking really strong....some really attractive Quidditch being played there.

Me: Yeah, they've gotten really good in the past few years. That win over Chile in the Qualifiers was fantastic!

Opening ceremony was as spectacular as ever..

Ricky: Wyrd Sisters...on key as per usual

Me: They're so consistently great.

Bagman went on a bit, though..

Ricky: How he worked his way up to Minister for Magic I don't know.

Me: Appalling decision. I mean, true, Fudge's second term wasn't much better, but at least he knew what he was doing..

Ricky: Fudge was always going to haunted by the war....and the fact that he was the man that let Voldemort come back.

He made a good fist of it when all's said and done.

Me: Yeah, but Bagman? I think that'll go down as THE example of a protest vote gone wrong.

Ricky: Yehh but it was him or Umbridge....who would you rather see there....it's a no brainer mate.

Me: Haha! You don't lie.

I think the whole Ministry needs a good overhaul. People seem to be pretty enamoured with that Potter guy, but I'm just not big on celeb politicians.

I think Longfoot could do the job, though.

Ricky: Potter should stick to catching the snitch. If he'd stuck to that and not gone sticking his scar into politics then he'd be leading this England squad.

Me: He would! What do you think of our chances, then?

Knocked out by Japan again?

Ricky: We'll never win it anyway....shows what you get for appointing that bloody Italian wizard as coach

Me: Too true!

Ricky: About time they installed that Wood guy as the coach.

He may be young but he's got the skillz

Me: Oh god yes! I mean, he's the reason Puddlemere are the team they are these days.

He was our best acquisition so far, after kitting the team out with the new Firebolt IIs.

Ricky: They've even got the Harpies worried!

Me: The Cannons need some of them! What are you guys on?

Ricky: Aha....Nimbus 2001's....if we're lucky.

Me: Haha! Bless. I mean, granted, you keep trying, but I think relegation is going to come knocking soon.

Ricky: Oh for a turnaround at that club!!

I mean, when you've Weasley as your best player...you know you're in dire straights.

He's not bad in front of the hoops....but again, he's no Wood aha

Me: True. I think you can count the number of goals Wood let in for his entire career on both hands.

Ricky: Weasley would need the spare fingers from Wood to even get started on his tally

Me: Hahaha!

Me: His wife's hot, though. You seen her?

She does a lot of charity work.

Ricky: Ahh....Hermione Weasley....the WAG to end all WAG's

Me: She has it all.

You know, maybe you should give her a run at being Keeper. She couldn't be worse..

Ricky: Well, presumably she know's how to handle the red balls...

Me: Ohoho!

The clash with the robes is something not to be sniffed at.

Ricky: It's horrific.

Me: You'd imagine they'd do better, actually, what with the glare.. It can't be easy to score with that in your eyes..

Ricky: Well it's not helped us out this season I can tell you.

or the last one, or the last one, or the one before that

or before that.

Fucking Puddlemere....YOU used to be the joke team....now it's really only us

Me: I know!

And all the new 'supporters' as well..

Where were you when we'd never won a game?!

I've gotta dash, man. Nom's ready.

Ricky: Inabit You wonderful geek you x

Me: I'll speak to you soon, though. Make sure to catch USA vs Germany on Saturday. Should be good.


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