Saturday, 18 July 2009

A link-tastic penance in blog form.

So it's been a good while since I did anything remotely bloggy. I apologise profusely and hand you this humble offering as penance for my non-journalistic laziness.

I recently bought 'Taking Leave', a joint-effort EP by Alan Lastufka and Tom Milson. It's only £6.00 including delivery to us UK-ers, which, considering the sheer beauty of the lyrics and the genius of the music, is really a bargin. It's available from the DFTBA Records website (or from iTunes or Amazon in MP3 form), where you can also buy some other gems from the YouTube community, including an album of songs based on Doctor Who!

Here's a rather tasty preview of Alan and Tom's work:

One thing that is definitely well overdue a blogging is my trip with the ever fabulous and lovely Louise to see Counting Crows* in Bournemouth. They were scheduled to play in December with Ben Folds, but due to vocal problems the gig was pushed back to May. It was an absolutely amazing gig, definitely one of the best I've ever been to in terms of showmanship alone. Adam Duritz, the lead singer, has more showmanship in his little finger than the likes of Lady GaGa have in their entire mirror-plated bodies. For realz. He makes standing still and singing loudly on tiptoes utterly, mind-bendingly enthralling, so you can imagine how squeal-worthy his inclusion of 'With a little help from my friends' into one of their songs was. A five star gig.

The three of you that also follow my other blog, Project Read 2009, will have noticed that it has fallen into disarray. This is not to say that my reading challenge has also gone down the same path, in fact, if anything, it's gone from strength to strength since I stopped blogging about it every three days.** I am currently taking part in Infinte Summer, a challenge to read the 1079 page*** Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace, over the course of the summer. It's hard-going, but incredibly well worth it; Wallace is an author the likes of which it's rare to come by these days. So come join us: We have bookmarks!

That's it for now, I think. I am, as ever, on Twitter, as well as on Facebook, 43 Things, and soon, I fear, Tumblr.

Best Wishes!
(Dumbledore Forgot to be Alive)


P.S: Have a Wish List.

The Office: Season 3, Episode 23 (Beach Games)
Looking for Alaska: Finished
Perks of Being a Wallflower: Finished
An Abundance of Katherines: Finished
Infinite Jest: Page 221

*My 'O' key doesn't work properly sometimes: Guess the typo.
**An overstatement of gigantic proportions
*** Plus footnotes. Lots of them. Some of them 11 pages long.


  1. Squeal-worthy, huh? I like that.

    Meanwhile, you should check out the music of a group called Almost Charlie. It's an interesting story... my best friend is the titular "Charlie" and writes all the lyrics here in new Jersey. The band is based in Germany and doesn't speak a whole lot of English, which is why they wanted an English lyricist. They've been working together for several years, but have never met. The music is described as very "beatles meets Elliot Smith" kinda of stuff. And the song "Love Condensed" was written about... moi!

    Gossip Girl... er, Richard/Tralfaz/@howrudeareyou

    PS: Here's a link (since you are so linkalicious) to the Love Condensed track)


  2. Manar (thelastgoodkiss)18 July 2009 at 20:57