Friday, 7 March 2008

Viruses and Apologies

Hello all!

Really sorry about the delay in the next column coming out. I know you're all waiting on tenterhooks. I've been particularily busy of late, poor excuse though it is, and today I was given the news that my most prized possession - my laptop - fell foul of some computer virus named Tumblebug. It would have destroyed my motherboard if they hadn't found it replacing my DVD drive. Unfortunately it was too late to save the hard drive and subsequently I have lost everything - Music, iTunes, Blogs, Photo's, Coursework, and Lyrics.

And, being the fool I am - None of it is backed up.

On the plus side though - King Blues' album should be coming through the post today. =D

Much love, and hope you're all well.


The news is bleak !!!!! I sat down and checked your laptop and they have
put in a new processor, motherboard, memory and DVD drive. I telephoned
them today to ask if they took a copy of the hard drive and I spoke to
the actual mechanic who repaired your LT. He said the main trouble can
be traced to the motherboard as you had a clone virus installed on your
hard drive which started to corrupt the motherboard, then memory and
finally disabled the ability for you to back up your system files. I
assume you found this out when you tried to back up on your pen
drive???? All in all your machine would have collapsed in about 4 weeks
and all you would know about it would be the message on your screen
saying Tumblebug has struck. I have checked with AVD and they say that
their virus checker can pick up Tumblebug at the time of infection but
once it gets into the registry it is just a matter of time before it
destroys your machine. Median did indicate that they did consider
charging us for the repairs but as the key and DVD failed they accepted
the liability under guarantee. Their advice - run the virus checker at
least once a week. Sanitise and Immunise your LT weekly and make sure
the updates are installed. Finally they assumed you backed up your LT
each day - is this correct? I suspect not as I don't either, but I shall
from now on. Not the news you wanted. I am sorry about all your stuff
but this is a horrendous learning curve for all of us.

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